Currently the BASSC is not running any workshops.

The BASSC flagship 2-week intensive The British National Stage Combat Workshop, has been postponed to August 2021.  We hope to open for booking early 2021.  Please go to the BNSCW page for further information.

Some of our teachers are running online and also in-person courses. For further information on classes run by BASSC teachers please click on the links to their websites below.

You can attend courses run independently by our Certified Teachers.  Please click on the links below to our teachers’ websites for further information and to book a place.
These organisations, run by our Certified Teachers, run courses and workshops throughout the year. Please visit their websites for updated information and booking details by following the links below.  Please note that not all teachers may be running courses at a particular time so you need to check each site.




Moving Body Arts
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Independent Drama

Stage Fight Scotland

BASSC members get a 10% discount at the BNSCW and courses and workshops run by our teachers. Other overseas stage combat organisations also provide discount to BASSC members. See attached list for further information

List of organisations that offer discounts to BASSC members
You can also contact any Teacher directly through their email listed in the "About" section.
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