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A group of students training with quaterstaffs in a stage combat class
  • How can I join the BASSC?
    BASSC Student Membership is open to students who are eighteen years in age or over and have: passed at least one Fight Performance Exam in any weapon or unarmed have completed the application form for BASSC membership paid the annual membership fee, currently £25, due on the 1st June of each year for all members. There is no discount for a part of a year. signed up to the BASSC Code of Conduct Please contact for the application form.
  • What do I get for my membership fee?
    All BASSC Student Members get a discount to all official BASSC workshops, as well as some workshops run by BASSC teachers and other stage combat organisations. See Documents page for further information on organisations that provide discount. You will receive our regular newsletter containing: information about news and events in the world of stage combat details of upcoming classes and workshops and news about the running of the organisation. Student Members are also entitled to vote and stand for office in the Executive Committee.
  • I'm not an actor / have no experience, can I still attend classes?
    Yes you can! We welcome everyone from martial artists to fencers, directors and stage managers, and people with no connection to the entertainment industry. If you are willing to have a go and enjoy learning something new then you will be welcome! All our workshops are open to anyone regardless of training and experience, unless experience or qualification is specifically identified for entry. You can start training in any weapon. Go to the Workshops section for more information on classes.
  • I've got experience as a martial artist or performing in fight scenes in plays/films/re-enactment. Can I join an intermediate/advanced class or workshop?
    All our Certification Classes are open to anyone regardless of their experience so you don't need to have previous stage combat experience to do our classes and you can start training with any weapon. Some courses and workshops run by BASSC Certified Teachers may be identified on their websites as for students with existing experience. Please contact the teacher of the class directly to check on what experience or qualification you will be expected to have before you can participate in these classes. If you wish to attend the Intermediate/Advanced Actor Combatant Workshop at the British National Stage Combat Workshop then you must have current Actor Combatant certification in rapier and dagger and unarmed combat with the BASSC or its equivalent with a recognised stage combat organisation eg BADC, SAFD, FDC, SAFDi etc. See Documents page for further information on stage combat organisations recognised by the BASSC. Please contact the BNSCW Co-ordinator at before applying to discuss your previous certification if it is not with the BASSC.
  • How can I become a stage combat teacher?
    The BASSC runs a Teacher Training Programme (TTP) every three years and concludes with the Teacher Certification Workshop (TCW). The next TTP will be scheduled to commence January 2025. The entry requirements include: Proof of BASSC membership on entry to the TTP Documentation showing that the applicant has passed all BASSC recognised weapons: Rapier & Dagger, Sword & Shield, Broadsword, Unarmed Combat, Smallsword, Rapier & Cloak, Quarterstaff, Swashbuckling Rapier and Knife. All certificates must be current at the time of application to the TTP. Proof of Advanced Actor/Combatant status in the BASSC ie, passes in a minimum of five current BASSC certificates including Unarmed and Rapier & Dagger of which at least five must be at 'Pass with Distinction' level. Proof of a current First Aid certificate from a course including CPR of at least one (1) day in duration or above Proof of a certificate in Mental Health First Aid from a course of at least one (1) day in duration. Supportive materials that demonstrate an advanced skill level in the performance of the stage combative arts. Letters of recommendation by two BASSC teachers and also a professional reference Candidates must pass all the requirements of the Teacher Training Programme to enter the TCW. Candidates may exit the TCW with a Pass, Pass with Probation or Not Pass. The format and duration of the TTP is currently under review. For further information please contact the Chair of the Teacher Training Board
  • How can I become a fight director?
    The BASSC supports the Equity Fight Director Register. Equity has a training program in place to assess all new Fight Director candidates. One of the initial steps is to gain an Advanced level qualification from a stage combat training provider such as the BASSC. For more information on becoming a Fight Director please check the Equity Fight Director requirements PDF from the Documents section, or send us an email at or contact Equity.
  • How can I find a teacher for a workshop?
    Please email and give us much information about the workshop as you can including: your organisation venue and location proposed dates (fixed or flexible) time and length of workshop number of students ages, ie if any under 18 or if all over 18 unarmed or weapon-based what is the purpose of the workshop, eg, introduction to stage combat, preparation for a production, do you have/need a fight director corporate event Please provide a contact email address and phone number and so we can respond to you. We will pass your information on to our teachers and ask them to contact you directly if they are available. You may receive several contacts. We cannot give you an indication of cost as this will depend on the individual teacher and the requirements of the event.
  • Where can I buy/hire weapons for a production?
    If you want to BUY weapons for personal stage combat use we can give suggestions for companies that we know of or use, either in the UK or abroad. Let us know what sort of weapons you are looking for. If you want to HIRE weapons for a production then we can pass your information on to companies that we use. Please provide as much information as you can about the production and weapons you require including: Production Venue Weapon type(s) Numbers required Duration of period required for hire Practical combat use or costume Please email including a contact phone number.
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