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Two young women performing a choreographed fight with knives

The British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat was founded in 1993 with the aim of improving the standards of safety, quality and training of stage combat and promoting a unified code of practice for the training, teaching and assessing of stage combat within the United Kingdom.

Since its formation the BASSC has established a reputation as the invigorating driving force behind stage combat in the United Kingdom and is respected, both nationally and internationally, as the leading provider of professional level stage combat training.

As a result of this, in 1997 British Equity recognised the BASSC’s Advanced Certificate as a valid qualification for entry onto the Equity Fight Directors’ Training scheme and in 2001 the BASSC was appointed by the Equity Council for the training and assessment of Fight Director candidates applying to join the Equity Fight Directors’ Register.


The BASSC is a long standing provider of stage & screen combat training for the performing arts industry. 

Internationally respected for its high standard of technique, curriculum and focus on performance we offer various courses and workshops open to all levels. 

Our staff teach in drama conservatoires such as RADA, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, East 15, Rose Bruford College, Italia Conti, Drama Studio London, Acting Coach Scotland, Fourth Monkey, Richmond University, Bath University​, University of West London, Kogan Academy, and the International School of Screen Acting. 

With a team of highly trained international teachers our courses are taught in the UK, Scotland, the USA, Russia, Italy, Israel, the Ukraine, and Spain. 

A young woman fighting with rapier and dagger
A young man and a young woman performing an unarmed fight choreography

We offer certification courses in a range of stage & screen weapons. You can begin in any weapon and progressively build your skills portfolio. 


  • Rapier & Dagger

  • Unarmed

  • Broadsword 

  • Quarterstaff

  • Smallsword

  • Knife

  • Swashbuckling Rapier

  • Sword & Shield

  • Rapier & Cloak

A young man performing a swashbuckling sword choreography


Our teachers also run independent training in Firearms, Stunt Work, SPACT Skills, and Intimacy Direction. 



  • Actor-Combatant: Anyone that has certified in at least one weapon.

  • Intermediate Actor-Combatant: Certified in 5 weapons including Rapier & Dagger and Unarmed.

  • Advanced Actor-Combatant: Certified and Passed with Distinction in a minimum of 5 weapons including Rapier & Dagger and Unarmed.

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