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Student membership of the BASSC is open to students who meet the following criteria:

  • have passed at least one Fight Performance Exam in one of the following weapons: Unarmed, Rapier & Dagger, Rapier & Cloak, Swashbuckling, Broadsword, Sword & Shield, Smallsword, Quarterstaff or Knife

  • are eighteen years in age or over

  • have signed up to the BASSC Code of Conduct

  • Student Members may stand for office on the EC or nominate Student Members as Student Member Representatives on the Executive Committee

  • Student Members may vote in EC Elections.

  • Student Members may attend the Annual General Meeting of the BASSC and may speak and vote on resolutions.

  • All Student Members in good standing will receive the following membership benefits:

    • representation by the Student Member Representatives of your ideas, suggestions and wishes to the Executive Committee.

    • online membership publications

    • 10% discount on all BASSC workshops

    • 10% discount on all BASSC renewal workshops

    • discounts at workshops run by various stage combat organisations in the UK and around the world

The Annual Membership fee is £25 and is due on 1st June of each year.  There is no reduction for membership for a part of a year.

Please contact for the membership application form.

You can find the BASSC Code of Conduct on the Documents page.

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