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The BNSCW Experience


We weren't able to run the full British National Stage Combat Workshop in 2020 or 2021.  We hope 2022 will be different.


In the meantime, The BNSCW Experience is a one-day workshop for all of you who wanted to come to the BNSCW for the first time in the last two years and those of you who are thinking about coming in 2022, but want to know a little more about it before committing to booking.


So, what happens at the BNSCW?

The BNSCW is more than just a certification workshop.  For many beginners, it's your first step into the great world of stage combat.  Learning unarmed and sword skills; meeting teachers and experienced students and seeing what weapons they are working with and you could be doing in the future; everyone joining together as a group to create a brawl, battle or some other massed fight.  It's also a place to make friends with students from all over the world and create bonds that can last for a lifetime.  No-one forgets their first BNSCW and, for many, it becomes a regular feature in their stage combat life.  For our teachers and fight directors it's usually been a big part of starting their career.

The BNSCW Experience is a taster of the full workshop.  It's designed to be a fun day with classes in unarmed and weapons, and the chance to create a group fight.  You'll meet teaching staff who are BNSCW "Old Hands" who can tell you what to expect on the full workshop.


No previous experience of stage combat is necessary.  We'll even give you a free BASSC T-shirt so you're dressed for the part.  You could also consider the workshop as a present for someone who's interested in stage combat but doesn't know where to start, but you need to be over 18 to attend.

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