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British National Stage Combat Workshop 2024
31 Years of Excellence
22 July - 03 August 

BASSC Website (2).png
Two women practicing stage combat choreography with rapier and Dagger at the British Academy of Stag
A woman with two knives
Two men practicing unarmed fight choreography at a stage combat workshop in London for actors
Woman with broadsword
Man with quarterstaff
Two women practicing unarmed fight choreography at a professional actor training workshop for stage
and actor and an actress practicing stage combat with medieval shortsword and shield at a profession
Woman with a rapier
An actor training at a professional stage combat workshop in London with rapier and dagger
Woman with a smallsword
Two Women Swashbuckling
An actor performing the end of a fight choreography with rapier and cloak at a stage combat training
Weapons & Levels
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BASSC Website (6).png
BASSC Website (6).png
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