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NEW! The Bournemouth Brawl Intensive is on its wave.  The Bournemouth Brawl Intensive is&... MORE

New Bournemouth Brawl Intensive

Independent Drama's Combat Lab is back for 2015 and it's now going weekly. If your thinking of ... MORE

Cpmbat Lab is back for 2015

BASSC Master Teacher Richard Ryan and Certified Teachers Yarit Dor and Enric Ortuno will be tea... MORE

BASSC in Chicago

CT Janet Lawson will be running a Broadsword Certification Course in Glasgow from January to Ma... MORE

Broadsword Certification Course - Glasgow - Open to beginners

The BASSC Policies and Procedures have been revised for 2014/2015.  They incorporate the n... MORE

Revised Policies and Procedures 2014/2015

BASSC Members - Executive Committee

Gold Membership Catherine Robey
Gold Membership Chris Hall
Gold Membership Janet Lawson
Gold Membership Jonathan Leverett
Gold Membership Philip d'Orleans
Gold Membership Roger Bartlett
Gold Membership Taylor Hohman
Gold Membership Yarit Dor