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BASSC teachers Enric Ortuno and Yarit Dor have been invited to teach a workshop for the E.... MORE

BASSC Teachers invited to Bamberg, Germany

A brand new video trailer showing members and students of the BASSC at work in Film, TV and the... MORE

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Certified Teacher Yarit Dor and Intern Rob Myles (Advanced Actor Combatant) traveled up to Bris... MORE

Yarit teaches BASSC Unarmed Workshop in Bristol

BASSC CTs Janet Lawson and Rob Leonard will be teaching a basic intensive workshop in Edinburgh... MORE

Basic Certification Intensive in Edinburgh

Catch Master Teacher and Founding member Richard Ryan's work on Season 2 of Vikings. Keep an ey... MORE

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BASSC Members - Executive Committee

Gold Membership Catherine Robey
Gold Membership Chris Hall
Gold Membership Janet Lawson
Gold Membership Jonathan Leverett
Gold Membership Rob Leonard
Gold Membership Roger Bartlett
Gold Membership Ronin Traynor
Gold Membership Yarit Dor