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A weekly course that runs every Sunday for 14 weeks. 1st MAy - 31st July 2016Open to all leels ... MORE

BASSC Broadsword - Sundays

Extended Early Booking Discount 'til 31/05, Book your slot at the BNSCW now to hold the discoun... MORE

BNSCW Early Booking Discount

APRIL 2016 RAPIER & DAGGER CERTIFICATION INTENSIVE Register now to get your early bird dis... MORE

Rapier & Dagger Certification

Ren the fantasy web series is currently airing on Youtube and features a number of BASSC actor ... MORE

Ren - fantasy web series

STAGE COMBAT IN NORWICH UEA Check the Courses & Workshops page for more details or contact... MORE


BASSC Members - Executive Committee

Gold Membership Catherine Robey
Gold Membership Chris Hall
Gold Membership Janet Lawson
Gold Membership Jonathan Leverett
Gold Membership Philip d'Orleans
Gold Membership Roger Bartlett
Gold Membership Taylor Hohman
Gold Membership Yarit Dor