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NEW! The Bournemouth Brawl Stage Combat classes. To find out more contact CT Yarit Dor yaritdor... MORE

Stage Combat in Bournemouth, Dorset

The next BASSC AGM will take place on Monday 10th August at 1.30pm at the BNSCW. The venue is ... MORE

BASSC AGM Monday 10th August 1.30pm - Islington Arts and Media School

For those interested in exploring firearms for film and theatre BASSC teacher Ronin Traynor wil... MORE

Firearms training for actors

BASSC workshop in Bristol at University of West England taught by CT Yarit Dor.  Details:... MORE

BASSC workshop in Bristol

SWORD & SHIELD  BASSC teacher Ronin Traynor is running a two day masterclass in s... MORE

Sword & Shield Masterclass & Musketeers

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Gold Membership Catherine Robey
Gold Membership Chris Hall
Gold Membership Janet Lawson
Gold Membership Jonathan Leverett
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